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Toad Painting offers a range of miniature painting services, from gaming models to collector's items to film and television props. Since 2012 Todd has been painting for miniature enthusiasts around the world.

Toad Painting offers various painting levels to suit a variety of needs. Please note that estimate quotes vary depending on the size and complexity of the model to be painted. All prices include a simple flock and gravel base. Resin bases and unique sculpted bases are also available, please inquire for pricing. Prices do not include building. All prices are quoted in USD.

Please note that we are currently booking new gaming quality projects about 6 months out. Some current availability for show case and film projects. 

Gaming Models

Toad Painting can bring your gaming models to life. From single models to entire armies, we've got you covered. 

A good choice for gaming pieces. This level includes basic blending, and up to one special effect, such as object sourced lighting or basic freehand.

Prices starting from $50 USD/model for a 30mm based units, $65 for 30mm single miniatures, $150 for 50mm cavalry and $225 for 50mm monsters

Centrepiece Models

Have a model that you want to really stand out on the tabletop? We can make that happen. 

This level is ideal for the most important models on the table. Includes the highest quality of blending, an unlimited colour palette, freehand, object-source lighting and other special effects.

Prices starting from $100 USD/model for a 30mm based units, $125 for 30mm single miniatures $300 for 50mm cavalry and $425 for 50mm monsters.

Show Case Painting

Whether you are a studio or a collector, sometimes a model calls for special treatment. Toad Painting offers show case quality, competition level paint jobs. These projects can also feature unique sculpted bases and elements, if requested. 

This level is intended for box art and models meant to be displayed. 

Prices start from $250 USD for 30mm scale models.  

Film and Television

Toad Painting is experienced in producing paint jobs both statuettes and props for film and television. 

Due to the widely variable nature of this work please contact us for a quote.


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Centrepiece Model


Centerpiece Model


Gaming Models


Gaming Model

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